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Company News

Purchase of the entire 3rd floor on 49 Metochiou street in Nicosia, to cover all our professional needs. May 2011.
The total area of our offices in Nicosia is of 350mp. The total area of all our offices, including the regional offices (Nicosia, Larnaca, Paralimni and Piraeus) is of 575mp.


Companies Registration in Cyprus (.pdf) - by Christos A. Neophytou
Costs for Companies/Ships Registrations, Banking, Physical Presence, Accounting, Additional Services & Order Form.

Shelf/Dormant companies in Cyprus (.pdf) - by Christos A. Neophytou


Areas of Expertise

  • Contract Law
  • Corporation Law
  • Company Law - Cyprus Company Formation (.pdf)
  • Registration and representation of local and international companies
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Real Estate Law

Welcome to our website!

Neophytou & Neophytou Law Office

Our law firm has been committed to provide our clients with a complete range of top quality legal services and representation. Some of our legal services characteristics include:

  • Full legal response to the special needs of each client;
  • Autonomous, independent, unprejudiced, impartial and of utmost integrity legal representation;
  • Legal research of the highest standards;
  • Innovative and forward thinking approach in reaching the best possible legal solutions;
  • Efficient and effective legal representation;
  • Rendered wherever and whenever needed.

Our areas of practice cover a wide and diversified spectrum of our client's operations and needs. For details, please check the Areas of Practice page.

Code of Conduct between Neophytou & Neophytou Advocates and Our Clients

At Neophytou & Neophytou Law Office we show particular attention to the needs to each of our clients. In order to achieve and maintain this level of attention to the professional services provided, between the Neophytou & Neophytou Advocates and the Clients, we have set up a code which emanates out of the strict standards and professional responsibility of the legal profession. These standards are set forth in codes of professional conduct, privileges, and ethics that have long been established by legal governing bodies in Cyprus, Hellas (Greece), the UK and elsewhere. At Neophytou & Neophytou Law Office we follow this code of conduct without the implication of a written agreement, although a retainer to appoint our law office as cleint's legal representative is usually signed by the client as prescribed by law.

The Cyprus bar association

At Neophytou & Neophytou Law Office we expect our clients to demand:

  • Ethical and zealous representation within the bounds of the law;
  • Competent analysis of legal issues and application of the most applicable law to the case;
  • Oral as well as written communication in a timely and effective manner;
  • Maintenance of the highest duty of loyalty as prescribed by law;
  • Maintenance of the highest levels of confidentiality as prescribed by law;
  • Execution of client's instructions at a set pace and manner as prescribed by the client;
  • Strict division between advocate's and client's properties by setting up an escrow account.

In accordance to the rules and regulations set a forth at Neophytou & Neophytou we expect our clients to:

  • Be wholly truthful and never hold back any information that in any event they would have to volunteer to disclose at a later stage in their case;
  • Be cooperative with their advocate by being responsive to any questions;
  • Be cooperative with their advocate by being responsive in providing necessary materials, as requested;
  • Be available to their advocate and attend legal proceedings, as requested;
  • Pay of any legal bills in a timely manner.

Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in the termination of a Neophytou & Neophytou Advocate-Client agreement for legal representation.

Reproduction in part, or in whole without prior written permission, is strictly prohibited.