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Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Legal Team

Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Partners

Thanos A. Neophytou - LLB (Hons), Advocate - Senior Partner

Thanos A. Neophytou

Mr. Thanos A. Neophytou received his Law Degree, from Kingston University, Kingston-Upon-Thames UK. He has previously worked with various major law offices in Nicosia Cyprus. During his tenure as an advocate in these law offices Mr. Thanos Neophytou has acquired and accumulated valuable hands-on experience in Court advocating as well as in handling of a wide spectrum and variety of cases both in criminal as well as in civil actions. He has also acquired a good working relationship with almost all major law offices lawyers in Nicosia Cyprus in handling day-to-day correspondence with opponents' advocates and solicitors.

Apart from qualifying in Cyprus as an advocate, Thanos A. Neophytou has also been called to the Athens Bar Association, Athens, Hellas, and he has full rights of audience in the Courts of Hellas (Greece) with registration number at the Athens Bar Association 90098.

During his National Service, Thanos A. Neophytou has served a full term as an Anti-Lieutenant Infantry Officer in the Cyprus National Guardwith specialty in night Mortar Combat.

His main areas of interest are Contract and Commercial Law, Family Law, Employment Law, Company Law, Arbitration Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Actions and Criminal Litigation (as described in Areas of Practice).

Mobile phone: +357-99-680106
email: thanos@neophytou-law.com

Christos A. Neophytou - PgDL (Law), Barrister-At-Law - Advocate - Senior Partner

Christos A. Neophytou

Mr. Christos A. Neophytou has a diversified education which includes Accounting (LCCI), Computer Engineering (BEng), Computer Science (BSc), Project Management (MSc), Organisational Development (MBA) and Law PgDL (Law), UK. He has studied and worked in Nicosia Cyprus, New York and Long Island in New York, Chicago and Oak Brook in Illinois, Los Angeles and Palo Alto in California, London UK and Piraeus Greece.
Christos A. Neophytou is a qualified Barrister-At-Law in England and Wales and a member of the Honorable Society of Barristers at Lincoln's Inn, London UK. Apart from qualifying in Cyprus as a Cyprus Advocate, Christos A. Neophytou has full rights of audience in England and Wales and he can formally be instructed by English solicitors. During his studies he handled cases at the London's Leasehold Valuation Tribunal as well as at London's Employment Tribunal, while is currently being instructed by English solicitors in civil, real estate and shipping actions.
Christos A. Neophytou has also been called to the Athens Bar Association, Athens, Hellas and he has full rights of audience in the Courts of Hellas (Greece) with registration number at the Athens Bar Association 90097. Moreover he has been working in Hellas (Greece) handling cases in Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Personal Injuries (P.I.) Law, and Admiralty/ Shipping Law, while he regularly attends Courts in Piraeus and Athens in the handling of civil and shipping cases.
Christos A. Neophytou is highly regarded as a credible, aggressive and professional Cyprus lawyer and is regularly called by other Cyprus lawyers or foreign lawyers, to provide expert evidence, or serve as a character witness in various cases presented in front of Cyprus or foreign Courts. Moreover, he is the author of numerous articles revolving around various aspects of laws and legal issues in Cyprus and abroad.
During his National Service, Christos A. Neophytou has served a full term as a Military Police Sergeant in the Cyprus National Guard with his main specialty to be Interrogator.
His main areas of interest include Personal Injuries (P.I.) Law, Shipping/ Admiralty Law, Professional Negligence Law, Intellectual Property Law, IT & Internet Law, Insolvency & Banking Law, Taxation Law, and EU/International Law.

Mobile phone: +357-99-321666
email: christos@neophytou-law.com

Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Litigation Advocates

Georgia M. Michaelides - LLB (Hons), LLM - England - Advocate - Litigation Department

Georgia M. Michaelides

Ms. Georgia Michaelides received her law degree from Coventry University, Coventry, West Midlands, England. She continued with her post-graduate degree in International Business Law at Coventry University. During her post-graduate degree, she has showed seriousness and professionalism and highly praised for her work by her lecturers.
Georgia Michaelides is a qualified lawyer and a registered member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

Her main areas of interest include Shipping Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insolvency Law, Tax Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Litigation and International Law.

email: georgia.michaelides@neophytou-law.com

Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Paralegal / Legal Secretary Personnel

Zoi Kapantai - Legal Secretary

Zoi Kapantai

Ms. Kapantai joined our office in November 2011 as Legal Secretary and Paralegal Assistant. She is fluent in Greek and in English. Her duties involve the paralegal assistance for the appropriate organization of all activities within our offices whereas she is always at our clients' service.

Her main duties include the: preparation and background processing of various legal documents; delivery of legal correspondence and mail forwarding to our clients and external collaborators; scheduling of various meetings, appointments, or conferences; electronic and hardcopy organization and maintenance of law libraries, documents, and case files; coordination between our respective offices; active assistance of all the Lawyers of the Offices and many other tasks that are important for the excellent performance of the Law Offices.

email: secretary@neophytou-law.com

Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Accounting Department

Viorica Lupascu - BA (Hons) Econ - Accountant, Chief Financial Controller and Director of Finance Department

Ms. Viorica Lupaşcu received her Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Economics, from the State University of Moldova. Her main duties involve all-around and daily support to the Neophytou & Neophytou Law Chambers Company's Division.
Ms. Lupaşcu has full command of the Greek, English, Russian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Serbian languages.
She also possesses valuable accounting skills, thus enabling the Neophytou&Neophytou Law Chambers optimum possible internal organization, productivity and performance in the backend. At the same time, Neophytou&Neophytou ever demanding clients have already appreciated the front-end improvement of service with the adoption of numerous technological advancements in the every-day provision of services. These include skype internet telephony communication, paperless office protocols, recorded transmission of information, virtual private networks, client-server and ftp facilities to selected clients, etc.
Moreover Viorica Lupaşcu regularly attends various law and accounting seminars while at the same time pursuing the ACCA qualification to become a Certified Public Accountant as part of the Neophytou & Neophytou continuous education program.

email: viorica@neophytou-law.com

Andria Themistocleous - BA (Hons), Econ, MSc – Accountant – Chief Accounting Officer

Andria Themistocleous

Ms. Andria Themistocleous received her Bachelors degree in Business Management from the University of Kingston University, Kingston-Upon-Thames, England. She also received her MSc. In Finance & Business Management from Kingston University, Kingston-Upon-Thames, England. Ms. Andria Themistocleous is responsible for the day-to-day invoicing of all clients. She is the Head Accountant of our Law Chambers and is responsible for all the chasing and follow-ups up until all clients pay their bills. She possesses great interpersonal skills, she is an excellent team player and she is well perceived by all our clients and employees alike. Her professional contribution and her high level of Ethics, add tremendously in the proper internal organization and adherence to all tax and VAT obligations, regulations, and other taxation legislation in order to maintain full transparency and full adherence to all Money Laundering Regulations for our Law Chambers.

email: accountant@neophytou-law.com

Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Associates

Veronica Lupascu - BA (Hons) - Representative Central Europe

Veronica Lupascu

Ms. Veronica Lupascu has joined our Offices in October 2009. She has a BA Degree in Linguistics and Translations received from the Moldova State University. She is fluent in Greek, English, Romanian, Russian, and Dutch and has been helping our office in areas such as back-office organization, translations, multilingual localization and copywriting.

She is currently based in The Netherlands and represents and supports our offices to our clients based in Central Europe.

email: veronica@neophytou-law.com

Olena Prosianyk - BA (Hons) - Representative Eastern Europe

Ms. Olena Prosianyk became part of our legal team in 2010. She worked in-house for a while and now became our representative for Eastern Europe. She offers support to our clients in Russia and Ukraine and helps our office with many related activities.

email: eleni.pro@neophytou-law.com

Neophytou & Neophytou LLC - Corporate and Accountant Department

Egli Solomondos - LLB LAW, Advocate and Banking Officer

Ms. Egli Solomondos obtained her law degree (LLB LAW) from University of Leicester, United Kingdom. She is fluent in Greek and in English and is currently learning Russian.
She has joined our office in September 2015 and was admitted to the Cyprus Bar in February 2017.
She is an advocate in the Corporate Department and specializing in corporate law, shipping law, banking law.
Her main duties include constant communication and coordination with clients and associates. As a corporate lawyer her duties involve handling the formation and registration of companies, dealing with execution of changes in the structure of companies, handing due diligence procedures, maintaining and keeping up to date all statutory records of companies, handling the client’s portfolio concerning issues of resolutions, power of attorney, signing of documents. As Banking Officer, she is responsible for data collection and preparation of relevant Bank Opening forms, both corporate and personal and lastly, she communicates with the bank regarding upcoming issues clients may have.

email: corporate@neophytou-law.com

Mr. Athanasios Protopapas BSc - Corporate Administrator and Banking Officer

Mr. Athanasios Protopapas has joined our offices in September 2014. He has a BSc Degree in Computer Science received from University of Nicosia. He is fluent in Greek and in English a trait useful to his work position as Corporate Administrator and Banking Officer as it includes constant communication and coordination with clients and associates.
His main duties include:
As Corporate Administrator: Handling the formation and registration of companies, dealing with execution of changes in the structure of companies, handing due diligence procedures, liaising with external regulators and advisers, providing administrative support to lawyers, maintaining and keeping up to date all the secretarial files and statutory records of companies, handling the client’s portfolio concerning issues of resolutions, power of attorney, signing of documents.
As Banking Officer: Responsible for data collection and preparation of relevant Bank Opening forms, Liaising with the bank regarding upcoming issues with clients bank accounts, undertake tasks from clients regarding their accounts (payments, statements, investigations).

email: a.protopapas@unibrand.com.cy


In 2006 we joined AIJA because at Neophytou & Neophytou our ever-lasting endeavor is to be able to stay ahead of our competition in terms of the quality of legal services that we can provide to our local and international clients. AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers) is a dynamic international organization comprised solely by young legal professionals, aged 45 and under, which educate its members on all major legal and business developments worldwide. Focusing on the needs of our international clients, and as the world is rapidly transforming itself into a global village, where people, goods, and services are travelling through many jurisdictions like never before in human history, we immediately appreciated the imperativeness of being part of a global organization like AIJA.
The benefits are endless. We partake in various AIJA seminars and conferences and stay current of international legal, and business developments in various areas of law. We meet other legal professionals practicing in other jurisdictions and create affiliations with them in areas of law of common practice and of common interest. We stay current of legal and business developments in EU and non-EU jurisdictions. We receive AIJA newsletters and AIJA legal magazines, and we have direct access and exposure to the huge depository of AIJA publications. This ensures a channel of continuing education pouring steadily in our law office.
These benefits have already been noted in a very positive way by our clients with special legal needs. These are local clients in Cyprus that have requested legal services in another jurisdiction and also international/foreign clients that are requesting legal services in Cyprus.

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